Campaign Issues

Our waterways

Philip's life revolves around the water. He has a special interest and vast experience making sure this vital resource is available and safe for everyone to use. Issues including the Back River Treatment Plant and access to waterfront resources are paramount to his campaign. He's not new to this waterfront district. His business supports The Chesapeake Experience, a non-profit organization serving at risk youth and adults in Baltimore. He serves on the NOAA Sanctuary Advisory Council for Mallows Bay Marine Sanctuary in Maryland.


Philip has been involved in Public Safety since entering the Baltimore County Volunteer Firefighter's Association at 18 years old. This experience allowed him to grow close to our brothers and sisters in blue and understand how current crime trends may be challenging to tackle. Providing complete funding, for both Police and Fire Departments, is the first step to addressing these issues. We must bring attention to safety issues and stop ignoring them. We need to make sure our front line responders are protected and feel confident in their decisions.


Philip's mother is a veteran, retired teacher of the Baltimore County Public School System and he is aware of mounting issues in our schools. School overcrowding is a critical one and root causes need to be addressed effectively. Residency audits, based on compliance with the Superintendents Policy and Rules, are essential to assuring everyone fair access to education in their home area. We need to bring awareness to school violence that prevents students from receiving an education that prepares them for a vocation or puts them on the degree path.

Open for Business

Philip is an Entrepreneurial Member of the Maryland Marketing Partnership with Eastern Watersports. As part of this dedication, he works to invigorate career growth in our area, driving job security to Baltimore County and Maryland. He will also work to provide incentives for small businesses that provide those job opportunities.

Responsible Development

As a business owner, Philip is well aware of the impacts of development and wants to ensure that development is responsible, appropriate, and energy-efficient. Development can certainly become uncontrolled. Philip wants to hold all stakeholders accountable with an emphasis on preserving specific areas while allowing others to develop.